These are what we offer to guarantee satisfactory professional after-sales services

1.   A team of sophisticated maintenance engineers, who after professional trainings passed the strict technical assessment and hold professional maintenance qualification.

2.   Installation and debugging of your copiers being taken care of by maintenance engineers. Save your worries.

3.    Maintenance of the products will be done strictly according to standards made by the manufacturers. Regular maintenance with great care and priority of your needs from the moment you become our contracted customer.

4.   Our responds to your calls for technical support will be immediate. It’s deep in Twicen’s company culture for offering to our customers an effective and efficient service.

(1)    Our after-sales service personnels and a team of sophisticated maintenance engineers with high expertise make it possible for an effective service for you all over Shanghai. This is what makes Twicen visible among other agents.

(2)      Our logistical expertise is a guarantee for our outstanding service. 

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